sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Los Cielos Infinitos by Nicolás Testoni (video) and María Cristina Kasem (music)

Los Cielos Infinitos (Infinite Skies)

Audiovisual work by and Nicolás Testoni (video) and María Cristina Kasem (music) - 2014

Along with "Las aguas abismales" (2008) and "Pacha Mama" (2011), the work of music and video"Los cielos infinitos" is part of the triptych "Vuelo Iniciático". Musically, it evokes the initiation of the sorcerers in the Toba Theogony- the Toba are an ethnic group living mainly in what is now North-Central Argentina. "Los Cielos Infinitos" bears the attributes of a prayer in which the voice of a sorceress is accompanied with indigenous drums and flutes. These ancestral sounds cross and in turn are crossed by images intervened from Jorge Sanjines' film "Revolution" (Bolivia, 1964) which alludes to the conflicts that the indigenous peoples of our continent had to face after the European colonial expansion and the subsequent creation of the American national states.